Phillip Vitug, Executive Director

My name is Phillip Vitug, dancer, choreographer, owner of a Dance Studio, Dance Company, and founder of the Liberty Youth Ballet Company (LYBC). Dance has given me so much in life that I am compelled to share my experiences with others.

For the past 25 years my passion for dance has been a motivating factor in the decisions I’ve made in my life. My journey, through dance, has given my life direction to set goals that have led to a truly fulfilling life. In doing this I have found peace in my life and I have a better understanding of who I am as a dancer and as a person.

When I dance, I let go of any emotions that take me away from who I am. When I am dancing, my body is dealing only with my physicality and not my mind. Dance has taught me to release negativity (judgement, criticism, fear, anger) and to control it. I believe that this focus is true for anyone that loves to dance — it gives us the ability to let go. This is what I want to give to others, by sharing my experience and the knowledge I’ve gained with my students and our community.


Phil Vitug, Executive Director of LYBC

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