Seeds of Love

Our chosen charity for LYBC’s 2015 fiscal year is a Chicago bases international organization, “Seeds of Love”. Thee organization provides medical, educational, and ministry services to communities in Bancal, Guagua, and Pampanga, Philippines.

We want to thank all of our LYBC supporters for your volunteerism and donations. After a very rewarding outcome from our production of The Nutcracker, we were able to donate to Seeds of Love and the Filipino community they support.

Through your generosity, we were able to give less fortunate children an experience they will never forget.
Our donation to Seeds of Love was used to provide 35 children educational  tutorials including books, school supplies, snacks, and hot meals. The majority of our funding went to their summer program consisting of field trips, exposure to different occupations in town, sports, and additional reading and math programs. Part of the funds went to an out of school ministry in which several professionals, including a nurse, a teacher, a dentist, and the head of the barangay (a.k.a. village) were invited to care for the children.

We made a difference through your generosity.