LYBC Spokesperson, Vera Burdt

“It’s so rare to find an organization like LYBC that invests so heavily in your children. Phil’s vision to teach children to dance comes from his heart and his love for the performing arts. While I have never had a dance lesson in my life, my mother inspired me to share the experience with my two young girls.  I didn’t Know what a talented and beautiful dancer she was until she picked the art back up later in life after my father’s passing.  My girls mepassion for dance is evident and I believe it comes directly from Phil’s influence.  It is impossible to not want to be part of something that has touched some many lives of those closest to me in such a positive way.”

Vera Burdt is a Systems Software Officer at DST Systems, Inc.  Vera has over 22 years of experience in the software development industry specific to Financial Services.

Vera’s expertise includes business and IT solutions for mutual fund recordkeeping, primarily in the transfer agency, regulatory, and retirement space. A DST associate since 1995, Vera returned to the U.S. in 2012 from Thailand, where she spent five years leading the development and support of the Fund, Advisor, & Investor Solution’s off-shore operations. Currently, as a Strategic Account Owner, Vera is responsible for two top Mutual Fund clients where she most of her time strategically aligning their business pursuits with DST’s.

Vera loves extending her philanthropic energy to the Liberty Youth Ballet Company where she can apply her strategic organizational experiences. Both of her daughters, Maya and Zeyta, perform in LYBC’s The Nutcracker.

A distinguished student at Rockhurst University, Vera graduated with honors, holding degrees in Applied Science and Biology. At Rockhurst University, she also obtained certification in the study of Not-for-Profit Organizations.

“The Nutcracker is one of my favorite holiday traditions. It symbolizes warmth, connectedness, and family. I love that LYBC gives my girls the opportunity to carry this tradition on to their families in such a meaningful and intimate way.”