Meet the LYBC Board of Directors

We come from many different backgrounds, but know for sure that we have something in common — our love for the performing arts and the children in the community. While we have only recently obtained our not-for-profit status, our goals are lofty. We are together to make a difference in our children’s lives through the performing arts. To know us is to know LYBC.

President, Emily Jellison

emily“My favorite memories as a little girl are the ones that I was dancing in class and on stage. As I was growing up dance became my passion, my voice, and is where I gained self-confidence. I joined LYBC because I want this for every child. I believe everyone should be able to be apart of such an amazing experience without finances getting in the way. I love that LYBC gives children an opportunity to do just that. It is my dream to allow all children to experience the arts in a way that I have.”

Secretary, Merriam Spencer


“LYBC is the vision of Phil Vitug. Through the creative arts, Phil has positively influenced our daughter and created in her life reflections through his instruction. I find it inspiring to work with Phil to further his vision so that he can have the same influence on other children and their families.”

LYBC Spokesperson, Vera Burdt

“It’s so rare to find an organization like LYBC that invests so heavily in your children. Phil’s vision to teach children to dance comes from his heart and his love for the performing arts. While I have never had a dance lesson in my life, my mother inspired me to share the experience with my two young girls.  I didn’t Know what a talented and beautiful dancer she was until she picked the art back up later in life after my father’s passing.  My girls mepassion for dance is evident and I believe it comes directly from Phil’s influence.  It is impossible to not want to be part of something that has touched some many lives of those closest to me in such a positive way.”

Consultant, Yvonne Spurlock

yvonne“LYBC combines two of my passions -philanthropy and dance. And to provide dance and the arts for free to children with that passion is just icing on the cake!”