“I’ve been doing the nutcracker since I was at least 5, so that’s 5 years that I’ve been doing it. I love doing The Nutcracker because it’s sort of how I celebrate Christmas.  It really gets you into the Christmas spirit, in fact you are so ready that you want it to be the next day. It also is really fun getting ready and finding out your parts of the show, and it’s Awesome that it’s not just a certain group that’s in it it’s the whole company! I also love doing it with my friends and all of the older girls. So that’s why I love doing the nutcracker so much!”

“Every year, nothing gets me in the mood for the holidays like watching a community put together an outstanding production of The Nutcracker. Family, community and tradition; that is what LYBC means to me.”

“The reason I love doing The Nutcracker is because I love dancing and spending time with my family and friends.”

“One thing I have loved about dancing The Nutcracker, is watching all of your hard work pay off in the final show and meeting new people. It is such a fun opportunity to be a part of an amazing experience!”

“From dancing in The Nutcracker, I have grown so much as a dancer and performer. I have also had a lot of fun along the way”

“I have fun, I like being a mouse and angel — until I get to be Clara.”

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